Ken Majer has been instrumental in helping Chappellet Vineyard & Winery to become a values-driven company. His work with us has gone a long way toward helping with our growth and our working together as ‘one team.’  At the same time, Ken has been invaluable in identifying ways to help us become much more cohesive. Ken has been a valuable asset to Chappellet and I believe you would be lucky to work with such a dedicated professional. If you would like to discuss this please feel free to call me anytime.Cyril Chappellet, CEO, Chappellet Vineyard & Winery, (707) 286-4269
The most important and invaluable contribution Ken made to Chappellet with his values-based culture program was to break down the barriers to effective communication between the different parts of our company. Ken used many different techniques to teach us methods of working for common goals, techniques for working efficiently, and he taught us how our values keep us on the right track to success for our company.Dave Pirio, Vineyard Manager, Chappellet Vineyard & Winery
I know of nothing more important than the daily attitudes, behavior and work ethic of my employees. Our culture program is a primary reason for the positive changes in our company. WW Supply realized double digit revenue growth in the quarters immediately following the implementation of your culture initiative.Jay VanOrden, CEO, Worldwide Supply
Our sales every month since your [culture work] have been up double digits.Cathy Choi, President, Bulbrite
This story (Way Beyond Wine) just flows effortlessly. I learned a lot about the art of winemaking, the art of living your dream, and the happiness in living ‘today’ fully and completely. What is unique is that while most of us intellectualize it, the Williamsons just do it!Steven Ramirez, Chairman and Global Trustee, Ronald McDonald House Charities
Wow. It is way beyond the wine. This is a great story about the birth and evolution of Williamson Wines, about creating the ultimate client experience, and about living the dream. I loved it!Mary Toomey, Senior Vice President, Silicon Valley Ban
Ken Majer used a very powerful process to help us define, articulate, and align ARC’s corporate values worldwide. His work has helped us to identify talented people who fit well into our organization and to integrate four acquisitions into our culture successfully. Clarifying and declaring our values has really paid off for ARC.Craig Slayter,
 Senior VP, Multimedia Solutions
, ARC International
Ken demonstrates exceptional leadership and professionalism. His program resulted in significant positive changes in the organization.Philip Ziman,
 HR Director, Operations at Cypress Semiconductor
Ken’s book “Values- Based Leadership” is a must for business owners and upper management. In a well written succinct book Ken will walk you through how to evaluate yourself and your companies values. As a speaker he can inspire you to make changes in your organization that will translate into bottom line profit. Not to be missed!Rachel Owens, Partner, Succession Strategies, Inc.
In a fast-paced world where we tend to lose a connection with our past and the American values that made us unique in a highly competitive global community, Ken Majer brings us back to reality and helps us re-discover those values that are unique in our lives, our businesses, and our culture.Marvin Serhan, President at The Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) 'The Columbia River Chapter
If you want your organization to live its values, Ken is the best catalyst there is! His approach is both responsive and focused, his presentation is engaging and relevant, and his ideas are insightful and practical.Corey Olynik, 
Author, The Mentor's Mentor
Ken, I loved your book. I read it on the plane from Florida to California and could not put it down. I have often struggled with the “implementation” aspects of a values program–and your book helped clarify a step-by-step process. Well done! CMDR Mark Divine, U.S. Navy (ret.)
Ken Majer’s values-based strategic planning process hit the bulls-eye with our team. I was particularly impressed with Ken’s ability to connect with each member of our team and get 100% buy-in, something we had not achieved in prior planning sessions. Our four sessions, approximately 4 hours each, were fast paced and well structured. Ken involved every member of our team and lead us to develop a plan that the entire organization is excited about. Thank you Ken! Jerry Sebby, President, KRC Rock, Inc.
I want to say that Ken Majer was awesome. His message on values needs to spread throughout the world. Somehow values have been forgotten in these crazy times. I think all of us can really make a big difference in our companies, families and the world if we all focus on positive values. I really liked hearing Dr. Majer’s presentation, especially after reading his book. This definitely will have an impact on my life and business.Captain Thomas Jacobsen, 
Jacobsen Pilot Services
Ken had a sincere approach to his presentation. He is passionate about the potential of all persons. The best potential in people can be realized when they discover what their core values are and apply them into their daily lives. The walk away I got was keep my core values present. I think I will have mine in a few places: refrigerator, car visor, office. That ought to work.Mr. Christopher M. Woodbury, President, Process Equipment Company, Inc.
Dr. Ken Majer is the best speaker that I have heard in a long time. He really brought it home to me at the personal level and at the business level. His tools can be used with clients, employees, prospective employees, family members and just acquaintances. Ken was a 5+ across the board, and my wife, Elaine, was even more enthused than I was: That says a lot!Mr. Barry McDaniel, CEO, Overland, Pacific & Cutler Inc.
Ken is a superior process leader. He is confident and brings out confidence for participation in the 1:1 and group workshops. I believe Ken’s message is strong and he facilitates a worthwhile experience for TEC members. I had the opportunity to talk with Ken after our formal meeting. He was engaging and I felt in touch with another professional experienced in communication and organizational development. Mr. Garry E. McCoppin, President, Griswold Controls
That was a great meeting yesterday-topped off with a most awesome speaker. (Bill, being a great family man, I think you and your wife, Magic, would have loved Ken!)Mr. Michael Learmouth, President, Deco Technology Group Inc.
Ken Majer’s seminar has great content and presentation. It was perfect for spouse-included session. It was a wonderful reinforcement after reading his book. Great job!Mr. Greg Hulsizer, CEO, California Transportation Ventures Inc.