Here is a quick “intuitive assessment” about how well your company functions. Answer these questions—a simple “yes” or “no” will do. Then ask your employees to answer the questions as a validation exercise. What do you think you will discover?

Does you company have:

  1. a strong set of (published) core values that everyone participated in creating?
  2. a written vision, mission, and strategic plan?
  3. a clear organization chart/reporting structure?
  4. formal job descriptions?
  5. (published) standard operating procedures?
  6. regularly scheduled performance reviews?
  7. a mentoring/professional development program?
  8. meetings that are efficient and productive?
  9. communication channels that are open and transparent?
  10. low “politics” and little miscommunication?
  11. high customer satisfaction based on consistent feedback?
  12. performance metrics to help hold your people accountable?

How many “Yesses” are needed for a good score? You be the judge!