Corporate Culture

What We Do

We are a small, highly-qualified team with in-depth corporate leadership and management consulting experience that can be applied to any size company, across all industries. The reason? We deal primarily with people and how to engage them to make any organization more successful.

Our core competence is a systematic method for building values-driven corporate cultures. We have expertise in change management, corporate culture, business process reengineering, marketing, sales, and internal operations, training and communication. We accelerate successful business change using our proven processes enhanced by internal and external social networking methodologies.

We believe it’s all about understanding our clients thoroughly and helping them solve problems and become more successful using the appropriate mix of our methodologies and the extraordinary talent of our extended network of consulting professionals.

How We Do It

Our consulting model is one of rapid, focused intervention, with a clear exit strategy. We don’t believe in extended engagements, rather, we work with internal client teams to develop expertise within the organization to continue implementation of the values-driven corporate culture initiatives we design.

Our process includes analyzing client issues thoroughly by (1) providing the necessary expertise for the design of practical, workable solutions and (2) transferring knowledge and skills to our clients’ teams to ensure the organization can manage initiatives long after we are gone. A key success factor is broad participation among all stakeholders including executive management, key influencers, employees, partners, customers, and alliances.

Why It Works

Dr. Kenneth Majer involves employees in the process to ensure buy-in, consults with and coaches employees at all levels to learn how to build and live in a values-based workplace. He and his colleagues work with employee teams to transfer skills to the company – they don’t do it for you, they do it with you – and leave the processes in place that no longer need outside assistance.

Why Culture Matters

Research shows that [leaders who] effectively manage the people side of change are five times more likely to meet objectives and achieve business results.Jeff Hiatt, CEO and founder of Prosci
91% of the 1200 senior executives at global companies surveyed agreed that culture is as important as strategy for business success.Paul Meehan, Darrell Rigby, Paul Rogers Creating & Sustaining a Winning Culture Harvard Management Update
If executives fail, they don’t fail because of business skills, but soft skills and cultural skills.Scott Kingdom, Global Managing Director Korn/Ferry International
We believe your company culture and your company brand are just two sides of the same coin…your culture is your brand.Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos, now owned by Amazon