Whether you’re running a company or busy working for an organization, it’s not always easy to sit back and look objectively about the health of your company’s culture. I’m not talking about performance metrics, but rather, how are we doing as a group of people who spend most of our waking hours at work? (There are 168 hours in a week. Subtract the number of hours spent sleeping, eating, commuting, etc., and you’ll quickly see that the 40+ hours you spend working is clearly the bulk of your awake time.)

Here are some questions that may help you determine the health of your company’s culture and whether you feel it is a good “fit” for you.

  1. How would you rate the level of productivity at your company?
    Score 2 for high, 1 good but could be better, 0 for low.
  2. Can you state your company’s values off the top of your head?
    Score 2 if you can, 1 if you can remember some of them, and 0 if you can’t remember any of them or if the company does not have a stated list of values.
  3. Does your company have minimum politics?
    Score 2 for very low or no politics, 1 if sometimes, and 0 if yes, a very political environment.
  4. Do your top executives “talk the talk” and “walk the walk?” In other words, does your leadership do as they say and act the way they expect you to act?
    Score 2 for yes, 1 for sometimes, 0 for no.
  5. What is the level of turnover in your company”?Score 2 for low turnover, 1 for medium, and 0 for high turnover.
  6. Do people in your company communicate openly and share information or do they horde information to the point that some people in the company wonder just what is going on or where the company is going?
    Score 2 for open, clear communication, 1 for some open communications, and 0 if people really don’t know what’s going on.
  7.  Is your company a fun and invigorating place to work?
    Score 2 for yes, 1 for sometimes, 0 for no.
  8. Do people in your company feel they are all pulling together and working on the same team (high morale)? For example, do they pitch in and help each other during busy times or times of crisis?
    Score 2 for yes, 1 if you can say “for the most part,” and 0 for poor teamwork.
  9. Do people in your company show respect and common courtesy for each other?
    Score 2 for yes, 1 for sometimes, 0 for lack of respect.
  10. Can you count on people in your company to follow through every time on commitments they make?
    Score 2 for yes, 1 for sometimes, 0 if you can’t count on others in the company.
  11. Do people in your company have a passion for their work?
    Score 2 for yes, 1 if some people are passionate about their work, 0 for little or no passion for their work.
  12. Are employees in your company actively encouraged to spend time with family and contribute to the community, even to the point of taking time off for those activities?
    Score 2 for yes, 1 for encouraged, but not rewarded for doing so, 0 for no talk or support in the company about the importance of outside interests/community service.

Interpreting Your Score

If your score is 19 to 24 (and no individual score is zero) your company is operating with a strong set of values that will help it be successful.

If your score is 18 or less or if any individual answer produced a zero score, there may be some question about whether the company is a values-driven company or whether people agree with the way the company operates. Don’t forget: 40 hours at work is most of your waking hours each week…best if you fit in and love your work environment!