Smart and Healthy

Is your winery smart and healthy when it comes to improving your bottom line? Successful wineries require good, smart business fundamentals including strategy, performance metrics, effective marketing, technology, best business practices and more. Smart is necessary, however, it is not sufficient.

wineries attract and retain high-quality employees who love working for them and who are instrumental in building and retaining a growing customer base. Turnover is low, communication and performance expectations are clear, “politics” are at a minimum, and there is exceptional customer interaction.

How to Build a Healthy Values-Driven DTC Culture
The foundation for a healthy organizational culture is a set of core values that everyone in the organization endorses and uses as a guide for how they act at work. How executives, managers, and employees behave on the job is the essence of culture: “It’s how we do things around here.” And the way we do things is driven by the values we hold.

There are five steps to building a healthy DTC corporate culture:

  1. Derive a set of core values.
  2. Define those values to match the uniqueness of your winery.
  3. Translate those values into expected behaviors or actions.
  4. Reinforce the workforce through continuous feedback to embed the expected behaviors into your business practices.
  5. Create an ongoing communications campaign to ensure sustainability of your new healthy culture.

How to Build a Smart Program in Your Values-Driven DTC Culture
Your goal should be to expand the DTC portion of your revenue pie into the biggest portion of your sales because it could potentially increase your profit margins by 30-40%. This is especially true if you take the combined approach of creating a healthy culture throughout your organization as you build the DTC side of your business. Here are some fundamentals for building a smart DTC program.

  • Increase traffic to your tasting room and focus your staff on engaging potential wine club members.
  • Grow your market visibility through efficient, measurable outreach.
  • Leverage your wine club. Yours is not going to be just another wine club.
  • Establish your presence through social media.

Our Vision
Majer & Hall offers a unique strategy that combines the power of having a values-driven culture with DTC know-how and expertise. Our vision is to grow our clients’ wine sales through a Values-Driven DTC Culture by building smart DTC marketing and sales programs in an atmosphere of a healthy company culture. That’s how you will outperform your competition and increase your bottom line.

Who We Are
Ken Majer, Partner, Majer & Hall

Ken specializes in developing values-driven corporate cultures to enhance the efficiency, effectiveness, and profitability of his client companies. He has written four books on the topics of business and personal values, including Way Beyond Wine, the Williamson Wines Story—from Values to Action!

Jeff Hall, Partner, Majer & Hall

Jeff Hall is a wine industry expert in business development, and partnerships for building direct-to-consumer (DTC) marketing and sales programs.

  • Doubled case production from 7500 to 15,000 in four years for a winery that is 100% DTC.
  • Tasting room traffic more than tripled (especially week days).
  • Wine club grew by over 40% in four years.
  • Wine club pick-up parties from four to 34 annually.
  • Facebook friends grew from zero to 2000 and Twitter followers grew from 0 to 600.
  • Drove significant revenue and ROI through DTC channels and social media.
  • Designed, implemented and managed third-party DTC programs.
  • Developed outreach programs to drive sales using wine club members, DMCs, concierge/inn keepers, and other wineries.
  • Partnered with chambers’ of commerce tourism bureaus (e.g., SF Travel, tour operators and transportation companies to drive traffic to tasting room.)

Selected Endorsements

“Ken Majer has been instrumental in helping Chappellet Vineyard & Winery to become a values-driven company. His work with us has gone a long way toward helping with our growth and our working together as ‘one team.’  At the same time, Ken has been invaluable in identifying ways to help us become much more cohesive. Ken has been a valuable asset to Chappellet and I believe you would be lucky to work with such a dedicated professional. If you would like to discuss this please feel free to call me anytime.”

Cyril Chappellet, CEO

Chappellet Vineyard & Winery

(707) 286-4269 

“The most important and invaluable contribution Ken made to Chappellet with his values-based culture program was to break down the barriers to effective communication between the different parts of our company. Ken used many different techniques to teach us methods of working for common goals, techniques for working efficiently, and he taught us how our values keep us on the right track to success for our company.”

Dave Pirio, Vineyard Manager

Chappellet Vineyard & Winery

“This story (Way Beyond Wine) just flows effortlessly. I learned a lot about the art of winemaking, the art of living your dream, and the happiness in living ‘today’ fully and completely. What is unique is that while most of us intellectualize it, the Williamsons just do it!”
Steven Ramirez, Chairman and Global Trustee
Ronald McDonald House Charities

“Wow. It is way beyond the wine. This is a great story about the birth and evolution of Williamson Wines, about creating the ultimate client experience, and about living the dream. I loved it!”
Mary Toomey, Senior Vice President, Silicon Valley Bank

“I know of nothing more important than the daily attitudes, behavior and work ethic of my employees. Our culture program is a primary reason for the positive changes in our company. WW Supply realized double digit revenue growth in the quarters immediately following the implementation of your culture initiative.”

Jay VanOrden, CEO

Worldwide Supply

“Our sales every month since your [culture work] have been up double digits.”

Cathy Choi, President