Speaking and Seminars

Kenneth Majer’s speaking and seminar programs focus on effective team building, productivity, efficiency, and increased profitability based on shared organizational values. Topics include:

  • Values-Based Leadership
  • Values-Driven Corporate Alignment
  • Values-Driven Strategic Planning
  • Values in American Business

Dr. Majer’s unique approach is highly interactive to ensure that participants gain a solid understanding of the principles he teaches. His methods guarantee practical take-home lessons that can be applied immediately in any organization including corporations, associations, community, spousal, and family groups.

In addition, all of his speeches, seminars, and presentations are customized based on pre-interviews with key client participants.

Types of Presentations

  • Keynote Addresses
  • Key Executive Seminars (Half-Day, 1-Day, and 2-Day Seminars)
  • Speeches to large audiences
  • Corporate Values Tune-Up

In his well-known business classic, Good to Great, Jim Collins addresses putting the right people in the right seats on your (corporate) bus. But what about the engine that’s driving your bus? Your corporate values drive your company. Are your people “living the company values everyday”—or are the values just hanging on the wall? Could you use a Corporate Values Tune-Up to ensure your team is making the values come alive in your company? –Ken Majer

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